Reactions Pricing Upgrade

Yet again Jascha shows how to run a business fairly:
NOTE: Reactions is currently in Beta. It is not yet feature-complete or stable. We invite you to use the software as you see fit, request features, report issues and explore the possibilities. Your feedback is much appreciated.

New purchases of TurbulenceFD licenses include a free upgrade to Reactions.’

You will not see many people doing things like this. Since it’s release TFD has always had free updates and in the spirit of this I have decided to nail my flag to the mast and offer a discount on the Reactions training set that I will be producing to purchasers of my TFD series. NOW I CANNOT GIVE A DATE WHEN IT WILL BE AVAILABLE. I have yet to really get to grips with reactions but once it is released it should not be too long before I have a fundamentals set out. I will nail my flag with this…a 10% discount for all owners of my TFD1 series probably done by coupon which will be a word derived from one of the tutorials.
These tutorials are of course still valid and I think for 13 hours I am selling them at a fair price, $29. I have a 45 min freebie so you can check if you can handle my cockney accent and style, I did not script these tutorials and simply did them live off the bat.