Reactions/TFD Updates

It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen or heard any news. Has there been further development, and are we to expect possible updates or stable versions in the coming months in reference to Reactions.
Trying to keep my ear to the ground and make sure I’m not out of the loop.

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I hope so, considering how good is this plug in. Its much better then Native C4D

The latest ‘nightly’ Beta build is 0.2.8 -1025 released on Feb 8th.

I have had a lot on my plate at the moment and when i do get time to work on C4D I am concentrating on learning Arnold and Redshift , I prefer the former but it is a bit slow on my systems, really needs a minimum of a 32 core for animations ( though TFD can be rendered on less if you tweak a lot) redshift has the 2 weeks demo issue which is sad especially since Pyro needs either RS or Arnold. And I am limited by my 12 GB card…OK for simple scenes but struggles with heavy duty scenes that Arnold has no issues with ( I have 128 GB RAM)…and of course Render farms make the render time mute though I am not sure about uploading hundreds of Gigs of bcf/vdb files !! Arnold is happy to work with bcf with little or no hit, RS can render bcf but is far slower than vdb. I have a project I have been working on but since it involves an ‘explosion’ of a ‘War machine’ the Ukraine events have had me having to reconsider the concept. I plan to do that with TFD. Then I can get more into Reactions but to be honest I do find it very complex for my small mind. As with Pyro I miss the ability to have a good idea of the sort of memory I will need for a sim…pyro can chug away and then suddenly tell you you have run out of NVRAM which I find infuriating. I think Pyro may be of use to some but reactions will be far more use to pro studios…the learning curve is steep…but hey they have clever Trevors working for them. To be honest I would love to go with Arnold and a 64 core rig, you can throw it all in and hit render and not have to pull your hair out with proxies, bill boards and heavy compositing. And Arnold just looks great out of the box.

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Up until this moment, it is really difficult to get a piece of Fluid software exactly as I wants. Besides Tfd, Reaction, C4D Pyro, X-particles, I even tried with Fumefx for C4D but it’s even worse - very bady performance and realism. I think it works much better in 3DSMAX. Embergen is great, but the level of realism can’t match Reaction in large sim scene. The only two tools that make me happy in result are Houdini Pyro and Axiom. But it’s really hard to work well with Houdini. The only hope now is that Jascha can complete the Reaction, I really hope to have a complete Retail version on my hand. Reaction will be the best response software for me in terms of both great results and easy workflow

So is Reactions still a thing even? It’s been in the works for years at this point… Sad to see it’s kinda lost steam :pensive:

Please be patient. He is building new tools and will fix Reaction soon.

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