Redshift volume options greyed out in full version

I’m in C4D R20.059 / v1.0 Build 1452 / RS 2.6.49 and I have full, licensed versions of all. But my tfd options are greyed out in the RS Volume shader and I can’t figure out why. Maybe a compatibility issue?

I updated RS from .46 to .49 in case that was it, but no dice.

Please make sure that TFD is installed directly below the plugins subfolder of your C4D installation folder. That is, the following path should exist:
Windows: C:\Program Files\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R20\plugins\TurbulenceFD_C4D_v1-0_1452\TurbulenceFD_R20_1452.xdl64
MacOS: /Applications/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R20/plugins/TurbulenceFD_C4D_v1-0_1451/libTurbulenceFD_R20_1451.xlib

Redshift currently only finds TFD if it is installed like this. This should get resolved in future Redshift updates.

OH! Interesting. I followed the install instructions and it definitely didn’t say to put it there. Good to know. Ima give that a shot. Thanks!

From readme:
CINEMA 4D R20 and newer:
Extract the TurbulenceFD folder from the .zip file that you downloaded anywhere on your machine.
In CINEMA 4D open Edit/Preferences/Plugins and add the extracted folder to the Search Paths list.

100% worked. Thanks Jascha!

Also, they need to make sure their install instructions are correct.

The above addition to the install instructions is only an exceptional workaround for compatibility with current Redshift versions. Once the issue is resolve in Redshift, the regular install instructions are sufficient again and preferable for the flexibility.