Render Node cannot access Turbulence FD Cache (Team Render)

Hi everyone
I’m running into a render farm issue with Team Render.
I’m using C4D R25, Turbulence FD version v1.0-1484, and Redshift 3.0.67 (and yes, all versions are the same on the Render Farm). It’s just a little home render farm setup with two PC’s, and I’m using Windows 10.

The issue is… ‘Machine B’ (entirely a render node) is unable to access the Turbulence FD cache, and thus does not include Turbulence in the scene.
I made a video explaining this issue here…

I save all my Turbulence caches to an external hard drive (because they take up an insane amount of space). I’ve made it to the external hard drive (which is plugged into my main ‘Machine A’ PC via USB) is accessible to ‘Machine B’ via the Network.

For the ‘Machine B’ render node to access the Cache, it needs to look at the following destination…
\Desktop-bk5nqme\f\Turbulence FD Caches\Test Cache 01

I’ve SET that pathway in the TurbulenceFD Container’ (in ‘Container / Cache / Simulation Cache’). But ‘Machine B’ INSISTS it is unable to access the cache, saying…

TFD ERROR: CacheFrameGuard::load(): render server request failed for “\Desktop-bk5nqme/f\Turbulence FD Caches\Test Cache 01\Cache 001\d22e58a49c598f9427dab56c363b2dfbtrb_sim_cache_0000000000.bcf”
TFD ERROR: Failed to load frame 0 from cache “\Desktop-bk5nqme/f\Turbulence FD Caches\Test Cache 01\Cache 001” for object TurbulenceFD Container

What am I doing wrong here?
Thanks for any help!

Could you check that the filename from the error message d22e58a49c598f9427dab56c363b2dfbtrb_sim_cache_0000000000.bcf matches the actual file names?

TLDR If the file names differ, the cache path in the scene file was probably different when the cache was generated. If you set the cache path to the original path, the render node should request the correct filenames.

Background TFD adds these alpha-numeric prefixes to cache files to work around the lack of support for sub-folders for external asset files in TeamRender (and formerly NetRender). This prefix is effectively a baked version of the full path of the cache folder it was originally simulated into. A render node will use the cache path set in the scene file to generate this prefix and request the file. If the cache path set in the scene file changes, so will the prefix the render node requests. As a result the render node will request a different filename.