Retiming lost in VDB conversion

Curious if there is a simple checkbox somewhere that Im missing.

I have a steam simulation adjusted to 60% speed. Im baking that out to a vdb using the bcftovdb tool which works great except it does not retain the speed change.

Anyone have any ideas how to bake out a vdb with TFD timing adjustments?


So you made a sim at 60 % velocity and the converted vdb runs at 100 % ?
Have you tried caching velocity ?

This may…or may not be relevant.

I may not have cached velocity, I will check that when I am back at my computer and let you know! I think I may have been thrown off by ‘velocity’ because I was thinking about it as a time scale, but I guess the two go hand in hand.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Works fine for me without having to cache velocity I will post a render soon when I have something a bit better to show than the quick test i did give me 1/2 hour or so

Here you go works fine…

Check out my other experiments…

Really nice work! Thanks for sharing. So that test you ran is baked out to vdb? That’s so strange it’s not working for me. Only possible variable is that I am driving my TFD sim with X-Particles. Maybe that is where I’m loosing my timing? I’m going to try a version without XP and see if that fixes it. Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

Yeah that could well be it but see if that -s switch suggestion above helps splitting the velocities. But sorry I know little of x-particles wish I did