Rolling cloud animation

Hi everyone
I need to create cloud that is animated (evolving)
What would be the approach - create initial volume with pressure and temperature high and then lowering them down and dissipate time really long letting turbulence animate the cloud?
Thank you in advance

Do you mean rolling as in an explosion/volcanic or stationary. If the former have a look at the example file of an explosion, if you mean the latter then emit from a object using pressure or normal force or even a particle burst from an emitter. Do not use temperature or buoyancy, key frame that off when you have the cloud size you like and use slow turbulence to make it “roll” (13.7 KB)
try this for a quick cloud

Thank you Paul - I will look into file later but I meant the cloud if moving then very slowly, while evolving on the edges

OK that file would do it…I will make another version and post it soon…just want to render it out

Thank you so much Paul !!

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Different but similar note the key-framing on the normal force

Thank you Paul - great starting point!

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Your welcome…now make some natural mystic