Rotating the container shows wrong preview in S24

I created a simulation of a kind of ventilator blowing smoke in a certain direction.
First I created this in a container like usual. To position the ventilator I put the geometry, emitter and the TFD container in a Null and position and rotate it where it needs to be in the scene. In S24 the preview in the viewport doesn’t accept this. When I rotate the ventilator 180 degrees the smoke seems to play backwards from the machine. But when I render it, it is fine. So it only seems to be a preview issue.
Would be nice though if you could solve it.

I am seeing the same thing. More specifically, as one rotates the container, it squashes and stretches in the preview window rather than rotating, and the displayed simulation distorts in unexpected ways, but it does seem like in the actual render it has rotated as expected. For scenes where rendering is a slow process, it can be difficult to not be able to use the preview window. Hopefully this is a known bug and can be fixed soon. Is there any place other than the forum to report something like this? (TFD version 1-0_1470, C4D version S24, Mac)

Please try the new build 1472. The issue should be fixed in this build.

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Seems fine on R24

Though the plug-in “preview container” window shows nothing…i rarely use it anyway but…