RTX 3090 with NVlink

Hello all,
I have a question regarding the RTX 3090. I’m playing with the idea of swapping my 4X2080Ti for 2 RTX3090, mainly because of the VRam.
If I link both cards with a NVlink, can for example TFD use the double video memory?
Thanks already for your answers.

Not for simmimg only for rendering

Unfortunately, no. NVLink is fast compared to PCIe but not close to the speed of local memory. The performance hit the simulation would take would be severe.
But of course TFD will benefit from the larger memory the 3090 has compared to the 2080.

Thank you very much for your answers.
Then the combination 2x3090versus 1x3090 and 2x2080Ti is not really worth it, since only one card is used for simulating anyway and 2x2080Ti is about as fast as 1x3090 for rendering - if you don’t need the additional VRam.
And I would save the purchase of another 3090.

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