See through Viewport problem

Hi, I have a display problem in the viewport.
I can’t visualize the collision correctly, I see smoke above all geometry even when it is below.
(example in the attached images)
How can I solve this problem?

ps. c4D S22.123 and TFD v. 1476

same here.

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Where is the team support?

This issue affects the viewport preview in R22 and R23. It has been fixed in R24. At this point it is still unclear if a workaround is possible for R22 and R23. If it is, the fix will be in one of the next TFD maintenance updates.

How long will you have to wait for this? At the moment it is practically impossible to understand if the collision works well for all the time of the animation without having to render it.

Why not revert to the TFD version that last worked for you on R22 ?

Which version? I got TFD only because the simulations work with GPU (I have 2x 3090 gpu).
This version you say works with gpu?
What changes with the one I use now?
Thanks for your intervention.

the TFD version that last worked for you

Okay, this is not a correct solution, using an older version would mean having problems with other bugs that have been fixed in this version.
The right solution would be that TDF Team solve this problem as it is an important problem and is a very expensive plugin.
So as a customer I expect more support on the product I have purchased.

It is a solution. Look…if older TFD plug-ins work then use those plug-ins to get the work done. R22 was an interim release and you should have upgraded to R23 at the least. You have chosen not to and that is fine but you cannot expect TFD to mature with the latest releases and still be compatible with previous releases when Maxon have been rewriting the core code of C4D AND it’s usage of display drivers and Direct3D has changed so drastically.

Build v1.0 1477 has a workaround that resolves a similar issue in R23. However, i was not able to reproduce this in S22.123. Could you send an example scene that reproduces this issue?
Thank you.

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Though I do not have need for it at least I will send you the thanks you deserve. People have to remember that Jascha is working flat out on the new release.