Simulate While Rendering Switch Not Working

I am having an issue using the Simulate While Rendering switch on the TFD Container. It is not working in Redshift or Octane. I clear the caches out and then hit render. I can see Redshift is calling for the cache that is not there.

Is it possible to use this option with 3rd party renderers? Is there a trick I am missing?

Thanks for any help.


Not sure but I doubt if it will work on a GPU renderer as the GPU is trying to load data to simulate while loading data to render.

One work around with a CPU renderer is to let TFD simulate some frames on the GPU then start to render. The render will be unlikely to catch up with the Sim and you are using an otherwise idle CPU to render as opposed to it sitting there scratching it’s…

That is a good idea, but Redshift is rendering a lot faster than TFD.

If you have several cards assign one to sim and another to render

This is a big problem for TFD. Other fluid sim plugins don’t have to cache to render. It’s a time-consuming, and data-heavy workflow that could be avoidable.

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