Simulation issues


i have an issues with the simulation inside turbulence Fd in cache mode and interactive mode.
When i start a simulation, my c4d is kinda freeze and i even can’t stop the simulation until it’s done.
i don’t know why because on the R20 it was working great.

i even can’t use the interactive mode to test my simulation and tweak parameter because everything freeze.

I try different built but all the same…

(sorry for my weak english)

What version of Cinema 4D ? What Operating system ? Have you updated your GPU to the latest drivers ?
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You seem to use old version of Tfd. It’s unstable. Use newest version to make sure all run well.

I have the last version of the R.23.110
windows 10 last version and i’m on the last studio driver of nvidia.

hello, no i install the last one, and give a try with old one too… but nothing work well.

Send your log files to Jawset support directly and Jascha will look into the problem

Thank you !