Slow Motion Experiments

Been working on thisa ll day. Not the sim which is a stroll in the park in compassion to getting vid settings right for upload to youtube. The sim is 24fps for 240 frames and the slowed down to .1 normal speed ( 2440 frames) the renders are crystal clear but uploads are a nightmare. Youtube really messes with compression setting avp as a codec and only if you have plenty of views ( near 1000) will it upgrade to vpo9. Scenes like this really need to be crisp. Vimeo seems to do a far better job. I have found a way to force the preferable code VPo9 on youtube and will make a vid tutorial though the info is available on the web. Here is a youtube version, make sure to choose 2K as playback. Still no where near good enough !! This artefacts are not from the slow down as I have near perfect renders on my PC

Normal speed…just not very sexy eh ?

I tried simiming this at 10 % of normal speed and got a vert different sim and i cannot figure out why. 2440 frames was fun to sim and render !!