Slow moving Ground Fog

Anyone got tips/tute on making a low lying, slow evolving ground fog in C4D/TFD?

Finding it pretty hard to create something that fills a big volume, moves slowly, and doesn’t rise up too much.


Gravity and a floor collider with some turbulence give me a hour or so and I will knock something up for you. In the mean time have you got a reference vid you like ?

Cool. Thanks for the quick reply Paul. Appreciate any tips you might have or your attempt.
A little like the smoke/fog in these titles at the 1:04 mark. More the general atmosphere fog, not the smoke from the cars. I’m after thin smoke/fog with big turbulence but slow rolling, that rises up a bit but not too much. I’m rendering in Redshift too.

Got something cooking now…not exactly like that but well the pot is on the boil so will do a version more like that after this one

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this is where I’ve got too but it feels like a lot of forced effort for something that seems like it should be a couple of clicks.
I’ve forced it to be really fast initially to build up some nice turbulence, then keyframing the timing to be really slow by the time my camera will need to see it.

i’m sure there must be a simpler way…

The fog needs to get high enough to fill behind the central black figure who will be silhouetted against the fog.

this is what she looks like from redshift. happy with the look, it’s just getting the slow-rolling movement that has been harder than expected.

Sorry was busy on some fluff…am rendering out something now which was a very quick setup…actually took longer to get the scene setup than the TFD but it will not be much different from what you have but is a very VERY simple setup and fast. may act as a starter for you to tweak give me 1/2 hour

no worries. thanks Paul. really appreciate the help. will be curious as to how you’ve done it.

Problem is I am enjoying your scene too much and must stop flaffing around with the look and get on with just the TFD…there is something …about it…I know…it needs a Bond girl dancing !!

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ive faffed with the damn thing for a whole day.

Stick a Bond girl in there and they would have to prise me off my PC with a crow bar

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Sorry for the delay…here is a quick example that may be of use to you. Obviously it would need tweaking but the smoke gets into shape very quickly.

I just put the heads in for a test but they were slowing down the renders too much (3.3 MB)

Hey Paul.
Great to see your approach. Not bad. Playing with it now. Looks even better with the temp off I reckon. Texture emission on the sphere - nice. Certainly helps randomize the direction the smoke is born in, better than I had just coming up off a plane.

Really appreciate your solution.

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