Smoke clearing around impact site

So I have about 6 hours to get this scene together (ha!)

Just looking for some basic tips to get a solid setup going quickly. I have plenty of experience with TFD but a jumpstart would be super helpful. Trying to get a large-scale but wispy smoke clearing out after an entire stadium (!) has landed on an impact site. The explosion / landing has already happened in the previous shot, just need to make it look like the smoke is curling away and clearing out of the scene. Should dissipate fairly quickly. I can anticipate this is tricky due to the scale of the shot (orbiting drone stock footage) while also not being too thick. Any help / suggestions appreciated. Thinking about generating from a base object matching the base of the stadium, with pressure from it as a collider to push the smoke away against the ground plane, and gravity to keep it hugging the ground as well

Didn’t make the 6h deadline, i’m afraid, but here are some options

  1. Animate density dissipation up at some point. This will look mostly like fading out an image through its alpha channel, though.
  2. Animate up gravity at some point to make the smoke fall to (or through) the floor quicker. This is probably the most natural looking choice, resulting in the smoke just settling faster as it would normally do.
  3. Use a Wind force to blow the smoke away. This will result in a noticeable direction in which the smoke disappears.
  4. Fill a large emitter with negative pressure to suck the smoke away. This may make the smoke actually look like it’s disappearing into magical holes.