Solved the slow simulation

Took your advice and bought a cheap SSD drive for £30 only 250GB but that is all I can justify ATM and it has given a boost to the explosion sim time from 20 mins to 5 mins. Now for the not so tech savvy when you plug these SSD’s in or in fact any SATA drive make sure you are using the 6GB/s connection not the 3GB’s connection…yes dumb dumb did that without thinking !!!. Now to test it on TFDv1 and I hope to notice some good improvements in cache load times. Good thing is this is such a basic drive with no bells and whistles a half decent one will give even better improvements. I treated myself to it by giving up tobacco !!! I got bored waiting for the Hitachi to finish the 4k it was writing at about 1MB/s

I just converted 72 bcf files to vdb using the - s switch for the velocity 42Gb vbd 's took 37 minutes on my C drive and 3 mins on my SSD !!! Yes you read that right 37 mins vs 3 mins !!!

Sounds good. HDDs still have their uses for volume, but the hot parts of the filesystem should definitely go on SSDs.

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