Strange Flicking Smoke

Here some strange flicking in the smoke. Rendered with Redshift 3.0.61.

Any ideas to solve?

Kind regards!

Perhaps do an override and increase the light samples ? Generally 2 x your unified max is recommended

How are you lighting the volume? Are you team rendering? Any GI?

Thanks for answering.
I’ll try increasing the samples.
I’m using a domelight with brute force (4) and IPC (16rays).


Try no GI or BF for both.

Are you using bcf or vdb files ? Check they are all OK…sometimes the vdb conversion skips files…to be honest the bcf to vdb conversion takes so long you may as well use bcf and shade a TFD container. If any files are skipped put those bcfs into a separate folder and redo the bcf2vdb on that folder. But I suspect it is a GI issue as Tim said try brute force on primary and secondary, though just a primary is all you probably need.

Thank you! I’ll try.

Happy New Year to come … :slight_smile: