Strenght of Dense with Octane

I try to Setup this Dragons Breath. I cannot set it lightly with the Simulaton Dense Setting.
Either i got to many or to less. The Channel Setting is a hard Piece of Work too.

I got to much Dense and i need to reduce it.

Here is my actual Render. Itzs a Piece of work.

Use your shading to clip density after you have simulated.

Sorry i dont understand what you exactly mean. I need Density at the Flames tip. I have cached Temp/Emission and Density in the Container. I cannot figure out what you mean.

I do not use Octane but I am sure there is a method of adjusting the curves for the density. look in the TFD help on shading density and you will see how TFD native does it by manipulating the fcurves of the shader. Basically you are remapping the data values. Do not forget you do not have to use a density data channel to shade density, any channel can be used and manipulated. You can do both fire and smoke with just density cached, for example. Or shade smoke /density using the temperature channel. I cover this in my tutorial series… Over 13 hours of Tutorials and Projects recorded at 1920 x 1080 7.5GB

I got a little Starter Problem here. I need to Bump the particles from the Ground to the Upper. With enough Density.

Please make me a Starter Setup with the Right Objects, Plains and the Right Particle Object.
I only need to know how i can bump the Particles farther along the Ground.

I have overseen that i had a Particle Bake Tag in the Scene.

My only Problem is that i want to have the Fire at the end smoother. I render with 5CM size.
How do i get the whole Body smoother ? I still got Hard edges.

I cannot get the Smoke dense enough for the whole Fire. Could i render the Fire and the Smoke in two Different Renders ?

At the Moment i have this Result. For the Smoke it should be good enough, but i want heavy Smoke at the end of the Blast.

My actual Result.

You can render in 2 diff renders and then composite but most render engines will allow density and emission to be separate passes/AOVs. Have a look at the flame thrower TFD example scene.