Tab button not working on Macos


I’ve had this issue for a long while on the Mac, on different versions of Macos and C4D. Was hoping that the latest TFD update for Macos would solve the issue, but it hasn’t.

I use tab all the time to move from one parameter box to the next to change values. But for some reason it doesn’t work for TFD parameters.
So for example: I can type in a voxel size value, the click tab to get to the next parameter (grid size X). But when I type anything, I just get a warning sound, and I can’t change the value unless I move the mouse to the box, click it and then type. Super annoying.

Anyone else with this issue?
10.13.6, C4D R21

I can confirm the issue and will look into it.

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Thank you Jascha! Looking forward to hearing from you.