Temperature and Density channels not showing up in RS Volume shader


I have simulated and cached the Temperature and Density channels for a smoke sim. I want to render in Redshift using the RS Volume shader, but the respective channels are greyed out in the shader properties. What am I missing or doing wrong?

TFD setup:

  • Under the Container tab, I have activated both Cache Temperature and Cache Density.
  • Once cached, under Available channels, it says that my cache contains a Temperature and Density channel.
  • Under the Simulation tab on the Emitter, both channels are set to 10 and Add, animating to 0 towards the end.

Appreciate any help or tips to move forward here :slight_smile:

WIndows 10
Cinema 4D R23.110
Redshift 3.0.31
TurbulenceFD C4D v1-0 1469

Make sure the TFD plugin folder is in the same plugin/extensions folder as the RS plugins
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Hi Paul,

Thank you, you’re a star! :slight_smile:

The installation README.txt-file specifically says:
Extract the TurbulenceFD folder from the .zip file that you downloaded
anywhere outside of the CINEMA 4D program folder.

I don’t know why that is, but this certainly fixed the issue!

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I think it is a RS requirement more than a TFD thing