Testing Tip OpenGl

If you are beginning with TFD a rule of thumb is to get your gross shape and timing down before you worry about shading. For shape you may well want to form the fluids quickly using low res to speed up your testing and then upres. Sure upres can be long and laborious but the time save massaging a low res sim to get the look you like will compensate.
I personally am not a great fan of upresing. But one thing I do which does save a lot of time and messing around…I render sims out to Hardware Opengl…these renders are lighting fast and you get you overall shape and timing sorted before adding nuances.
And for that matter with good shading you can often get renders as good as Adv Render or Physical render just by using OpenGL…try it, OK you will not get shadows but clever ramps on the shading graphs can get the feeling of depth and wow look at the time you save !!

1second or less per frame.