TFD and C4D S24.111

Hi there,
today I installed the Service Pack1 for C4D (24.111).
Now TFD doesnt work. You cant see the container and there is no simulation.

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Same here. :roll_eyes:

Same here :frowning:

Please try the new build 1474. It adds support for C4D 24.111.

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Thanks a lot.

Will you have a similar update for OS X soon?

Yes, the Mac update is next.

The macOS build with support for C4D 24.111 is now also available.

Still noticing a crash if I copy a container…this appeared some releases of TFD ago
_BugReport.txt (567.5 KB)

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Same here. I found that if you disable the containers before you copy/paste them, as well as disable the container in the scene you are pasting to… It works.

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The crash-on-copy issue is fixed in build 1475. This may also resolve other viewport related crashes in C4D R24.


Is there an issue with the new installer leaving old versions of TFD in the plugin folder? I installed 1475, the Cinema wouldnt launch…would crash at the startup splash.

Looked in the plugin folder and saw the old TFD folder with the version number in the folder name (…1471) was still there and there were two versions in the TurbulenceFD folder (1474 and 1475).

You are told to remove the older plugin before installation of the new one.

Right, thanks Tim. You can re-download the installer for 1475. It will now remove the previous versions as it should.

This note is only about TFD versions installed manually. The installer won’t uninstall those. It should (and does now) uninstall versions installed by the installer, though.

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Could these folder changes be the reason many are not able to use RS ? If there are 2 TFD folders allowed then I assume it could be a naming issue and RS is looking for the wrong TFD folder ?

The RS issue is not directly related to the new installer. But with the C4D 24.111 related fix in TFD, the RS issue cannot be worked around manually anymore. The RS team has to fix this now to get TFD versions 1474 and newer working with RS again. They are aware of the issue and i’m sure they will get it resolved soon.

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