TFD and Xpresso

Many …most of the TFD container settings can be accessed via xpresso, thus allowing objects animations and settings to directly control TFD settings…which is fun. For example you set an objects emission based on it’s proximity to another object. But what may well be overlooked and can be a real time save is set driver and set driven settings.
I would suggest you read up on it but basically you can make one setting in C4D directly control another without having to set up the xpresso but right clicking on an input value and setting set driver and set driven on the setting you want to have controlled. Now for areas such as subgrid detail in density and fire this can be a really handy trick, you adjust noise on one and the other will update. You can set relative expressions and if you want there is an xpresso tag created which you can dive into add some spices.
Xpresso and TFD is a much overlooked marriage.
Oh and don’t forget most TFD settings can be added to the HUD for easy access