TFD Channels greyed out in Redshift Volume material

i’m usign C4D R23 on Windows 10 with Redshift 3.0.30 and TFD v 1465. When i’m trying to access the TFD - Cannels in the RS Volume material there all greyed out. Woult really love if there’s a way to solve this.

Have you got a cache set saved on disk ? You are of course using the full not demo version of TFD.

Yes, it’s the full version of TFD and yes, i got a cache saved to disk.

From RS “Check if Redshift has detected TFD or not. If it has you’ll see the TFD channels menu in the RSVolume shader. If it wasn’t detected make sure it is in the same plugin folder as the Redshift plugin.” AND I was able to fix it. The problem is that when someone downloads the TFD zip and unzips it, it unzips into a parent folder and then another sub folder with the same name, and then the content of the plugin is in the sub folder. So, putting that parent folder into the plugins folder will work for TFD, but not for Redshift. The answer is to use the sub folder, rather than the parent folder because otherwise the plugin content to too buried.

Thank’s for the help. Downloaded the latest RS & a fresh copy of TFD in the same plug-in-folder. Works like a charm now!

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Give me a holler if you need any help. Note RS works far faster with vdb volumes which you can create with the converter from bcf files. takes a bit of time on my 6 core but that is a one off hit. I have a dual CPU rig to build when I can spare some funds so that will speed that up. Hopefully have a new mega tutorial ready by month end so that may help to buy a power supply and case. Not sure how well versed you are with TFD but here is my intro tutorial and my next one will heavily feature RS and I hope Arnold.