TFD for Apple M1 silicon

Hi, Is there a Beta for GPU usage for the New Macbook M1 silicon?

I read somewhere in the forum that GPU functionality would be available later this year

Screenshot 2021-12-28 at 16.30.32

The current beta version does not support macOS yet. My current estimate for the first beta release with macOS/Metal support is Q2 2022.

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Thanks for replying.

I went back to my intel MacBook with R24 and loaded up a TFD Simulation Window

I still cannot see an option to use my GPU. It is connected via an eGPU unit (Razer Core X).

Other plugins, such as Octane have no problem seeing it:

Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 15.20.39

Anything else I can try?

TFD supports AMD GPUs only for viewport preview. For GPU based simulation it requires an Nvidia GPU.
Support for AMD and Apple Silicon GPUs is in development for Reactions.