TFD freezing while simulating in C4D

Hi there,

I´m having trouble with simulating in TFD. C4D freezes randomly when I´m running my sim. No matter if high or low-res.

I´m running a Threadripper 2990WX, 2080TI, 32GB RAM, (caching to a M.2), latest c4d R21 (problem also on R20), Redshift 2.6.50

Freezes occure when chaching on GPU and when I use the CPU.

Any ideas why it´s doing that?

I can second this. I’m also on a Threadripper (2950x), 1080ti’s, caching to an SSD, r20, 2.6.46 rs in my case. It’s hit or miss, not every time. I’m simming about 72 frames at the moment. Not particularly heavy sim either.

What I’ve tried:

Turning off the GPU I’m simulating with when rendering (isolating one gpu just for sims). Making sure RS live viewer is not running while I’m simming. Nothing seems to solve it.

Today i saw this in the releasenodes of the new Experimental build of rs

[C4D] Addressed an issue leading to a hang in the TurbulenceFD simulation window

Could it be a redshift Problem? Running learning edition in my Laptop with c4d r20 without es and i don’t have any Problems there…

Well…there you have it

There is a known issue that can cause this type of freeze in Redshift. The fix is in Redshift 3.0.12. I’m don’t know when it’s going to be merged into the 2.6 branch.
If 3.0.12 is an option for you, please try this build to check if the freeze you are experiencing is the one that was fixed.