TFD Interactive simulation extremely slows

Hi there! I have an issue with interactive simulation. My setup is Win 10 Cinema 4d R25 with RTX 3090 and latest TFD. And if I start interactive simulation it works so slow as it impossible to make any settings. Cached simulation is ok. It was normal before, but then something happened. Please tell me what is wrong.

No problems on this end GPU driver is 52698 on a 1070. Windows 10 Cinema 4D v 2023.1.3 latest TFD As time goes on it will exceed the 90 frames and appear to run slightly slower than a 90f cache.
interactive.c4d (242.9 KB)

My nvidia driver is 527.56 12.08.22
By the way, my TFD slows all the process. If I try to make settings of smoke and fire with working Redshift IPR window, it slows terribly. I have to wait for several seconds for result after tweaking any parameter.

Try with just BCF files and see if they are faster for you than vdb, or if you are not using vdb try doing so. I find Arnold is faster with native bcf than vdbs