TFD not showing in Octane viewport?

I have the full license! I am running C4D R25 on the M1 MacBook Pro.

I can confirm this issue with Octane X PR14 on C4D R25. The problem seems to be in Octane X though. Please contact Otoy support to report the issue.
Thank you.

Hi I have contacted them and they have directed me to downloading the latest version of octane and stop running C4D in Rosetta. As a result, I now I can’t see the turbulence fd plug-in I’m my extensions folder. Any advice or do I have to run c4d using Rosetta in order to use TFD?

Yes, TFD must be run using Rosetta on M1 Macs. Native M1 support will be available in Reactions.

Hey thanks for the update! Do you know when reactions will be available to download?

Apologies for the delay.
You can find the latest nightly builds here:
There are several bugfixes left to do before this will become the next tagged beta update (v0.2.9).