TFD/Redshift on Big Sur

Recently started testing out Redshift for Metal/Big Sur, and it appears TFD breaks Redshift’s ability to detect the GPU. When trying to render, you received “No Devices Found” error, even though C4D detects the GPUs in Preferences/Viewport Hardware.

Removing TFD allows Redshift to work correctly. Not sure where the bug lies…with Redshift, TFD, MacOS…or all, but reporting here as well as with Redshift.

Confirmed with
2019 Macbook Pro
Big Sur
Redshift 3.0.34
TFD 1467

Thanks for the report. Does C4D detect the GPU correctly (i.e. it shows up in Preferences/Viewport Hardware/Information)?

Yes it does. Even with TFD installed, Cinema detects the GPU, only Redshift does not.

Remove TFD and Redshift works as normal.

Let me know if I can provide anything else.

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