TFD uses 100% cpu instead of gpu

Hi, I just installed the 2023 version and I see that my gpu is used very little and cpu is utilised at 100%.
I am using 512.59 studio drivers.

a screenshot here: Dropbox - tfd_2023_cpu100.png - Simplify your life


It will use the CPU, check GPU usage with GPU Z. Run with GPU and run with CPU is there a speed increase with the GPU ? TFD DOES use the CPU for many things.

My gpu is not used almost. I checked with MSI is accurate.

how are it’s temps ? what spec GPU ? Do have the latest drivers ? what psu do you have ?

Run a sim a sim that should take a few mins on the GPU and then run again on the CPU and give us the times taken

Does it behave like this on ur end? its a sphere with temperature 1 interactive

It works fine for me latest C4D latest TFD

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Bumping up this thread again, I bought a new pc and TFD acts same: uses gpu to minimum and its like 100% cpu here.

13900k / 3090

What could be going wrong here? thanks

Send your log file to

I thought you use Axiom now. :smiley: