Trial version TFD not support OCTANE render?

Im using TFD Trial version, its OK to render in C4D, but Octane has nothing happend. Is that normal?

Trial version does not support 3rd Party render engines


The Learning Edition does not support any 3rd party render engines. I’m hoping this restriction can be removed in the future, but for now there is no way to test the Learning Edition with renderers other than C4D’s builtin renderer.
The licensed version is supported by Arnold, Cycles, Octane and Redshift.

— 翻译 —
学习版不支持任何 3rd 方渲染引擎。 我希望将来可以取消此限制,但目前无法使用 C4D 内置渲染器以外的渲染器测试学习版。
Arnold、Cycles、Octane 和 Redshift 支持许可版本。