Turbulence FD Crashes Right Away

I’m on C4D R23 (PC) and all I do is add a TFD container and then apply a TFD tag to an object to start a sim, and once I hit play C4D crashes. I have a paid version. It happens with CPU and GPU rendering set. The crashes just started recently.

Any advice?

Can you revert to a system restore point when it last worked ? If so then then you need to see what you have changed in your setup.
Please post the crash log for TFD and/or email it to Jawset Support

I can’t revert back to anything. I seriously just add a container and an emitter, I get a spinning ‘thinking’ icon and then C4D crashes. I’ve gone and tried to install an older version of TFD and the same thing happens. When the crashes started, there wasn’t anything different with C4D––I didn’t install anything or change any preferences. It’s really odd and frustrating.

I looked up the bug report and it’s dated February of this year. Is there a reason it’s not writing to it currently? Do I need to turn it on?

In order to look into this problem i’ll need some additional information.

Directly after the crash and before restarting C4D, please send the TurbulenceFD log file %APPDATA%\jawset\turbulence.log

If you get an crash report from C4D, please send the file _BugReport.txt that it mentions in the message.

Thank you.