Turbulence FD licence problem

Hello.I have uninstalled cinema 4d then reinstalled on my laptop. When i try to enter serial number It doesn’t work. I have tried to rewoke the licence from my account page, it seems that Licence is using by my laptop but I can not rewoke it from my account page. Can you please help me.


The license revocation feature is only available in the latest TFD build, older builds do not have it available yet. You can still deactivate licenses with older TFD builds by quitting the C4D instance they are running on.

Hello. Thank you for helping me. I am already using the latest version and I have no other computer that turbulance fd is running or installed.

PM’ed you with a resolution.

Hello. When launching the plug-in, the serial number cannot be entered.
The license is displayed as used. Is there a solution?

This sounds like you may be using the Free Learning Edition of the plugin. Please try removing any installed version of TFD, then download and install the latest licensed version from https://jawset.com/install