Turbulence Plugin not showing on Cinema 4d

Hi, I cannot get turbulence FD to show up in cinema 4d even though I manually put it in the plug-in folder. Im using C4D S24 and tfd 1474.

Same here. Facing it in windows. Any solution here. Tried to fix the path in references but not working

Are there any updates on this issue, as having the same problem after upgrading to S24?

Which version of C4D and macOS are using?
What kind of Mac hardware?

On both Windows or macOS, please make sure you are using S24.111 or newer. Then remove any previously installed version of TFD and install the latest build from
(Professional Edition) https://jawset.com/install
(Free Learning Edition) https://jawset.com/try


I am running c4d r26 014 on an m1 Mac running Monterey 12.3.1 and when I install TFD v1.0-1484 it installs but it doesn’t show up in extensions. In c4d pref. plugins I added the TFD folder and restarted but no luck.

If you have not fixed this yet…uninstall TFD, remove ALL TFD folders and try a reinstall and let us know what occurs.

TFD does not support R26 on M1 Macs.
Native support for Apple Silicon is in development for Reactions, the successor to TurbulenceFD. The first Beta builds will be available this summer.

You can run TFD on R25 and before on M1 Macs by opening C4D using Rosetta like this:

  • Open the C4D app in Finder
    Either right-click C4D in the Dock and select Options/Show in Finder,
    or navigate to /Applications/Maxon Cinema 4D… in Finder.
  • Right-click ‘Cinema 4D’ and select ‘Get Info’
  • Check ‘Open using Rosetta’
  • Restart Cinema 4D