TurbulenceFD build 1448 released

This build adds support for Cinema 4D R21. C4D’s new licensing affects TFD as well, although the changes are minor. The general license terms for TFD remain unchanged.

For reference, here are the three TFD license types that differ in if and what they bind to:

  1. Single User binds to a Cinema 4D or Lightwave license - called the host license. The idea is to pretend that TFD is part of the host app and has no separate licensing. You can use TFD whenever and wherever you use the host license.
  2. Volume binds to one specific machine, but not to a host license. You can use this license on one machine with changing host licenses. The name was a bad choice. Node-Locked would be better.
  3. Floating binds to neither. You can use this license on any one machine at the same time, with changing host licenses.

Volume and Floating are unaffected by R21 licensing since they ignore the host licenses anyway. But Single User has changed for R21 in the way it is activated.

In the past, you had to lookup the first 11 digits of your C4D serial number and enter them when ordering a Single User license. When you upgraded your C4D version later you would get a new serial number that you would have to register in your Jawset account in order to include it in the host license binding. As you may know or can imagine, this lead to countless mistakes and confusion. Not to mention that the task itself is rather unnecessary from a user experience point of view.

Starting with build 1448, serial numbers are not specified during orders anymore (even if you use R20 or before). Instead the host license binding is done by the plugin when you use it for the first time. It will ask you whether to bind to the license that you are currently using and connect to the Jawset server to do the job for you. For C4D versions before R21 you can still register your serial number on the website manually. Although i would recommend the auto-binding to avoid mistakes and save time.

There has also been an update to the Jawset account website. In the past there was no place to see your activated licenses. This could be annoying to users of multiple Floating licenses. When all seats were in use, you needed to find out on your own on which machine you can deactivate a seat. Or you had to deactivate them all by resetting the entire account.
The new account site shows you each activated license with a hostname and version info. It also allows you to revoke individual seats remotely in case you don’t have or don’t want to get access to the machine. This also works for Single User licenses, which you may find useful when revoking a C4D R21 license remotely. Note that unlike C4D, TFD’s licenses are automatically revoked when you quit the host app and reactivated when you use any TFD functionality. Thus, the cases where you need to manually revoke a TFD license should be more exceptional.

Licensed Download at https://jawset.com/install
Free Learning Edition at https://jawset.com/try

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