TurbulenceFD build 1456 released (Windows only)

This build adds support for Cinema 4D S22.

Licensed Download at https://jawset.com/install
Free Learning Edition at https://jawset.com/try


Any fixes for LightWave coming?

There are currently no pending updates for LightWave.
The current TFD release build works with LightWave 2020. If you come across specific issue, please report them separately.

Thank you.

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What is new in 1457 ? Nothing in the readme

Minor bugfixes that are hard to describe on the changelog-level. I have stopped adding these “Minor bugfixes” entries at some point, because they litter the changelog and don’t really add information.


Is a new Mac version with S22 support coming soon?

Yes. The S22 Mac update will follow soon. There are larger changes in S22 on MacOS than Windows, thus it’s taking more time.

Hi! Are we getting closer to a Mac update?

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