Broken Scenes in LW2020

Hi Jascha !

Your supplied test scenes seem to work in Lightwave 2020 and TFD v1 Build 1439.

But several scenes I made myself and from Kat don’t work in Lightwave 2020 anymore.
They did nicely in LW 2019.

For example from Kelly Myers training AdvancedTFDConceptsAndProjects_AfterBurner scene LargeScaleTest_R03.lws will not play with VPR or render.

Simulations appear in Open GL viewport but VPR is blocked and Render (F9) immeadiatly crashes Layout.

Win10pro LW 2020.0.0 TFD v1.0 Build 1439 nVidia GTX 1080 Studio driver 442.92
In Render Settings Use Legacy Volumetrics is checked.

What might be the reason for this totally different behaviour ?


Could you attach or send via email a scene that causes these problems?
Thank you.

Hi Jascha !

Yes of course !

E-Mail with scene and object sent.

Thanks a lot !


hi Marcus, please keep me posted on this and most certainly send anything you find into Jascha. i don’t have 2020 just yet (soon though) so whatever you run into I want to know about so i can try and figure out why and then report back as well in future videos and work with Jascha should it be required to address those crashes.


Hi Kat !

Thanks for your great training for TFD !

I will keep you in the loop on this topic.
Jascha will hopefully figure it out.


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No problem! It’s my pleasure. Thank you for supporting us both! :slight_smile: =^…^=___!


I love the spirit of the community and the 3rd party tools and training are really essential.



LightWave or death! =^…^=____!

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You’ll still need a tray

Tray? For kats :slight_smile:

Hi Jascha !

I hope you are doing fine !

Any news on the broken scenes and how to fix TFD LW2020 compatibility ?


Hi Jascha !

Just saw your message here so I sent my E-Mails again to support at

I hope you received it.
If not I will try from another e-mail address.
Maybe a spam filter problem.


I believe Gradients and BlackBody doesn’t work correctly with LW 2019 and 2020.

More specifically,

Smoke with a texture “T” button applied makes the smoke black. The same things happens with Fire if you change blackbody to manual. The color information doesn’t seem to work.

Smoke does work correctly if you only change the color and disable texture “T” button. As soon as you add the T button, it just changes to only black.

For the Fire Shader, black body works correctly, until you change it to manual and everything becomes black again.

Here is a sample screen capture.

This is with LW 2019.1.5, using VPR, and with the “use legacy volumetric” checked. I have not tested this with 2020. Thanks.

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This has been a problem for some time. Typically I disable the gradient and use a single base color. Although that doesn’t really provide for when you need to produce a colorized smoke effect that blends working with a gradient.

I’m also noticing that the preview does not update as I change the parameters, I have to restart the gpu sim to get it to take effect again, which is not ideal.

I would say that its the other way around. If you try and make changes to settings with VPR open, because VPR is very hyperactive, you can run into major problems if you have the scattering function enabled. Also remember that this may be what newtek developers refer to as “near-time”. Tap the timeline forward and back a frame and see if it updates then.

Nevermind, I thought the parameters updated the sim in realtime, but I don’t think that ever worked like that. So disregard my last message on that.

They do if you do an interactive simulation but no data is saved

Could you try the new TFD LW build 1460? This should resolve the crashes during render.