Up-Res’ing not using GPU for rendeing

I was trying to use GPU for Up-res’ing my cache, but the system monitor shows that the simulation was only using my CPU. (I did choose the “Use GPU” option in the drop-down)
The simulation was really slow, and the whole c4d app got crush when the progress reached the half way of the simulation, is there any switch I should turn on to use the GPU for Up-resting?

My GPU: NV RTX 3080
MY CPU: intel i9-10900
Information of the cache:
Sub steps:2
Up-res scale:2
Fine turb:3cm
Fine turb small power:0.56
Voxel size: 2cm
Grid: 800,400,250
No offset

Wish you all have a good day!

You can only use the CPU

TFD’s up-res simulation only supports CPU operation.
Regarding the crash, please send the C4D _BugReport.txt if you get an error that mentions this file. Otherwise please send the %APPDATA%\jawset\turbulence.log from right after the crash. That is, don’t restart C4D after the crash and before sending the log file.
Thank you.