Upres Workflow and Issues


So far we have been having issues with Up-res. Here’s out workflow:

  1. We’re using TFD 1465 on Windows

  2. We are using one of two Nvidia 3090 cards to create our lower res simulations with velocity data included

  3. We then switch to our AMD Threadripper 3960X CPU

  4. After checking the CPU for up-res, we ensure our voxel multiplication amount is satisfactory - usually around 2 or 3 is fine

  5. Toggle down to Up-res in the simulation window and hit start

  6. Bounding box changes size, indicating there is a fluid, as well as BCF files being generated. BUT COMPLETELY INVISIBLE IN VIEWPORT AND RENDER

Can someone explain what is going wrong here? as far as I can tell I’ve followed all the TFD up-res tutorials out there and this keeps happening. We’re coming to a crucial point in our project now and need high res sims. The only other solution we have at the moment is to use BCF2VDB and upres in Houdini… which is not ideal.

If this is a known bug, is there a release version where it’s stable?

Confirmed…similar issues when testing however I do get some frames to upres and the data is there…sometimes. Seems to be hit and miss. I cannot get it to complete an upres on r23 and it varies as to how far it gets on R20 can sometimes finish the upres but often just hangs.
Maxon should add an End Task Icon to C4D these days
Here is a very simple file for others to test and see if you are getting issues. Again it may work sometimes and you may just get the lucky first upres to work. uprestest.c4d (244.2 KB) .

R21 seems stable with it as well. In fact R21 is the version I am most comfortable with as it is stable. R23 can be very flaky. Basically I think Maxon just dumps out half cooked versions of C4D expecting us the customers to beta test them for them.

I added diffusion to some channels, check burn it may still be set so that gives a cloud of burn around the edges but that is just aesthetics and me messing around.