V0.1-7635's problems


  1. I just run the installer and after restart window, Standalone works good. But plugin does not show up on C4D, in both R22 and R23.
  2. How can modify cache path? I don’t see where’s the cache in.
  3. Is it ability to keyframe on Standalone version?
  1. I have added a Troubleshooting check for the C4D installation here:

Does this resolve the issue? If so, was the plugin path missing from the list or was it not checked?

  1. The cache path cannot be changed yet. This will be in one of the next updates.
  2. Keyframe editing is not available in the standalone yet. It works via C4D.
    The priority of this feature is currently behind most C4D integration changes. I will consider bumping it if there is enough demand.
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That resolved it. The plugin path was not in the list. So therefore when the installer runs it is not adding it to the list. It loads correctly now when manually adding to list.


Could you paste a screenshot of the folder listing of %APPDATA%\Maxon (simply via Windows Explorer)? This might help resolve this installer issue.
Thank you.

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