VDB importing, field

  • I want to import VDB, convert it to look ma, no bouncing box and keep simulating like in Houdini. Will you add that feature ?
  • I want Field to be used in every single piece of Tfd parameters, like in C4D. So I can control fall off, speed, retime, turbulence, detail voriticity …etc… of the fluid in some particular part/corner/space that I want. Will you add this on requested list, please ?
  • In current version, I can not create multi - buoyacy for multi channel, only have only one buoyancy. This is a lacking ?
  • I don’t see where to control age of particles
  1. You will be able to use VDB import to initialize the simulation. I’m not sure what you mean by convert it to “look ma,…”
  2. Yes, using C4D’s Fields to control spatially varying parameters is on the list. However, I don’t know whether it’s technically possible, yet.
  3. You can create multiple Buoyancy nodes in the Graph Editor and select different grid channels on each one. You’ll also be able to create them from C4D as modifier tags soon.
  4. The particle lifetime is controlled using the “death” attribute of the Particle Emitter. The Min./Max. Value settings of this attribute are the (randomized) age of the particle. I’ll document the Particle Emitter node soon to describe this in more detail.