Volume and TF in C4d issues - Octane

I’m having an issue with my volumes not playing nice in C4D. I have an Octane volume and a TFD sim in a scene and I am getting an outline of the interactive volume from TFD. I have played with the settings and I am sure I just missed something.
Any help/ideas?

Sorry I do not use octane but I think you need to look at the shading curves. Are you shading burn ? Or temperature ? You know you don’t HAVE to stick to the obvious. You can create fire with burn yes but you also shade that fire from the density it creates and also the temperature. Mix and match. But I would suggest paying with the curves of whatever chanel your are using as your shader.

If you are using VDB there should be a setting to “tighten it up”… a padding setting or similar.

Im using temp and density. I havnt touched the curves yet.

Otherwise look at increasing the resolution and or lowering the emitter distance ( in the either tabs settings", you want this as tight as you can, just higher than the sim scale.

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Could you attach a scene file that allows reproducing this issue?

Hi Ian

It seems octane doesn´t like to have 2 different volumes in one scene, thus the black lines where they intersect. I had the same issue using two TFD containers. Haven´t found a workaround, seems to be a limitation of the engine as far as I know…