Vorticity and nice shape & crask

  1. I don’t see vorticity parameter, that’s what I use to control detail in old version.

  2. How can create beautiful round ball ? When I increase intensity of emitter in Voxelize ( intend to make the explosion bigger) but explosion get more flat shape!
    Reaction test 1|690x388

  3. Do you intend to create expansion paramter ? Tke more fire ball fly up, tke more it huge ( but it’s not like intensity, it have pressure and still keep the round shape when the ball fly high ).

  4. Wkat I have to do if I need custom control set up to look how particles/geometry behave without simulating run on timeline?

  5. In particles emitter, wken I set sampler Type from range to vector, tken undo, OUCK! reaction.dll get crasked., Write crask dump to…

  6. Box is a confused tking. It does not have any parameter but still join on simulating. How can I control it ?


How are you managing to simulate that in the future and pass back details to us in January ?

Zip and load and post all crash data when you can

Haha I’m a Vibe Lion, Paul. Anyway I will send file if I see it necessary. I believe this is common bug and Jascha can find it in simple test or in template file.

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  1. The Vorticity operator is planned for one of the next iterations on the Turbulence node.
  2. There is currently a problem with the Turbulence node that can result in large, non-uniform vortices. Your example is likely affected by that. This will be fixed in one of the next updates. We’ll have to revisit the round-cloud test then.
  3. Yes. I have this planned for a later iteration on Divergence Control. At the moment you can control expansion/contraction by a grid channel similar to TFD (see https://www.jawset.com/docs/d/Reactions+User+Guide/Nodes/Project+Velocity). Technically you could already use Divergence Control to do height-based expansion by filling a divergence channel with a smooth ramp along the Y axis. The planned feature will add two parameters to the Divergence Control instead that create the ramp for you.
  4. If you mean disabling the entire Volume Grid part of the simulation, you can deactivate the Volume Grid in the Graph Editor by pressing the Bypass button. This will also work from C4D with the green checkmark in one of the next updates.
  5. Please provide the crash dump as described in the Beta Testing section of the User Guide, Thank you.
  6. The Box node currently only creates a primitive box (not a mesh like C4D’s Cube object). For the primitive box it only uses the transform from the “Coord.” tab in C4D. You will soon be able to use a C4D Cube object instead.

" We’ll have to revisit the round-cloud test then. " - Best word I heard in my day. Please focus on it no matte how long I wait.