Waterbombs and TFD

I am asking you Foilks, if some one could make a Szene for me with a Waterbomb.

I dont know how i can set the Setup that i have the explosion going to all Sides. With a Sphere Objekt it would be no Problem, but i need the Fire going to all directions.

Could someone make a little scene for me ?

Set up a spherical particle emitter. Emit for 1 or 2 frames and life 2 or 3 frames. Give them randomness in velocity and age and give the particles fuel and let that combust.

Something like this ? Not sure what you wanted.


Absolutely like this.

I am a little Confused. Do you mean a Phere Objek and then set a Turbulance Tag ?

I am not familiar with Thinking Particles.
Maybe you can Upload a little scene ?

It is a simple sphere with noise in an emitter tag. Emits fuel for 2 frames. No buoyancy, Expansion of the fuel and normal force and low pressure on the sphere emitter. Some low turbulence and vorticity. Density is set to a low decay, 5% I think
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