Welcome to the new Jawset Forum!

This is a community forum about Jawset software.

The old forum is available read-only at https://old-forum.jawset.com.

For sales related questions please send emails to sales@jawset.com.

Prefer to send bug reports to support@jawset.com.
Please always include the following information with your bug report:

  • Operating system version (MacOS, Windows)
  • Host app version (C4D, LW)
  • TurbulenceFD version
  • System and/or host app crash report (linked to in popup)
  • TurbulenceFD log file
    • (Windows) %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\jawset\turbulence.log
    • (MacOS) ~/Library/Preferences/jawset/turbulence.log
  • A detailed description of how to reproduce the problem
  • A minimal test scene if necessary to reproduce the problem

While bugs may seem like obvious walls to run into to users experiencing them, they may only occur under very specific circumstances and system configurations. Please never assume that a bug is already known or that many others are experiencing them as well. Do not hesitate to report bugs and please provide all the information above that is essential to fixing them.

Thank you.

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