Welcome to the new Jawset Forum!

This is a community forum about Jawset software.

The old forum is available read-only at https://old-forum.jawset.com.

Prefer to send bug reports to support@jawset.com.
Always include the following information with your bug report:

  • Operating system version (MacOS, Windows)
  • Host app version (C4D, LW)
  • TurbulenceFD version
  • System and/or host app crash report (linked to in popup)
  • TurbulenceFD log file
    • (Windows) %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\jawset\turbulence.log
    • (MacOS) ~/Library/Preferences/jawset/turbulence.log
  • A detailed description of how to reproduce the problem
  • A minimal test scene if necessary to reproduce the problem

For sales related questions please send emails to sales@jawset.com.

Thank you.

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