What am I missing (Cinema 4D)

Just returning to TFD after an 8-year break. I have the latest version installed and am trying to render some files from last decade. Can anyone tell me what I’m missing, since this won’t render to the Viewport. Only change I made was to change the path to the Cache folder. Thanks for any help

advec Smoke2.c4d (210.0 KB)

You are using x particles so I cannot test but I see you have an educational licence for C4D with every plugin bar the kitchen sink !! It may be the educational licence but I suspect you have missed something in your setup but hard to tell without x particles…sorry

Thanks. Paul How about something like this? I ran some frames using Interactive
and chose render when finished and nothing happened. And do you know if the examples files are still around? I think they were once installed automatically. And I believe I bought some tutorials from you - are those still accessible? Thanks for the help.
burning red1a.c4d (153.8 KB)

Interactive does not save to cache so cannot be rendered. My tutorials are here… TurbulenceFD (TFD) For Cinema 4D Fundamentals | Software | Training