Why I am not yet working with Reactions

I have been very busy at home and I am working on a new tutorial with TFD and I have been concentrating on the pros and cons of the render engines…I think…I am sure Arnold is the way to go…and it has a decent demo option !! That does not expire.I think ideally I would use Redshift for the scene and Arnold for the TFD but I have not had a chance to play with the newer Redshift volumes. If the tooth fairy came and I could afford a Threadripper !!! But I can do quite a bit with the dual Xeon it being equivalent to a 12 Core ( though it is 16 core) I am also trying to get more into Fusion and Resolve, the former I really only have scratched the surface and the latter…well there is a whole new challenge.
But I hope to have this new Tutorial out by months end then I can really dive into Reactions and give it my attention.