X-Particles - Follow Spline - TFD

Hi there, I still have the problem that the smoke doesn’t move smoothly but is created like popcorn and therefore no real movement can be seen. What do I have to adjust so that the smoke flows? And why I have this “explosion” at the begining?

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XP-TFD.c4d (347.3 KB)

Ok, the solution for the “explosion” was, to move the emitter further away from the spline. But still have the problem with the movement.

Increase the sub steps. Start smoke without plume - #5 by Paul_Selhi

Thanks for reply.

I increase to 10 but still have this little clouds and not a smoke movement

what are you rendering with? decrease the step size for the volume

Standard Rendering. You mean Step Size in the “Rendering” - Tab?

If you are using TFD native then try in the render settings of the TFD object, if using RS Arnold or Octane each has it’s own tag/setting to adjust step size.

But your step size in the sim settings may still be to low for the speed, try either increasing that and /or decreasing the voxel size. I think it is running very fast and needs very high sim step sizes.

Put the scene file up as is

Hi Paul, here is the file. I use TFD native, that what I mean with “Step Size in the “Rendering” - Tab”
XP-TFD-B.c4d (321.1 KB)
Thank you

Simmed in 49s on a 1070 GTX and rendered in 14 min on a 6 Core

Ok, cool. What did you change?

Oh many things…but buy my boy dinner and I will give you the scene file :laughing:

Did it. You can send me the file on info@4edit.de . Thank you.

Cheers…in the mail.

Which mail? :slight_smile:

info@4edit.de I will add it to a PM here

OK confession…I bought a Kebab and did not share it with my boy…i offered but he did not want any…it was yummy…cheers.