Xp with reactions

can you use xparticles with reactions if so whats the workflow?

Bumping this

Not properly looked into Reactions yet - looks great though

Will there be video tutorials?

yeah its super fast on this 3090

Ok interesting- what’s your workflow?

I’ve tried to voxelise the XP emitter as a particle source but not had any luck getting it do drive the sim

XP support is not available yet, but planned for one of the next updates.


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Any workarounds to use XP to drive reactions?

Like maybe voxelising geo instanced onto the particle positions?

I would assume using xp generator and voxelizing that geo to use to drive reactions but honestly I cant even emit from anything without reactions crashing… hoping more instructional stuff will drop I just want to know HOW to use it all - I have the perfect workflow and can do so many things with TFD and I get reactions is beta but i literally cant use it for anything because any time I try something and use random things that make sense in my head it crashes. Im optimistic though, one of these days!

Reactions cannot bridge XP particles yet.
When it crashes and if you can spare a moment, please try to repeat the steps to the crash and note then in an email. Include the crash report and log file (details here).
This helps a lot to resolve crashes sooner.

If you have a specific setup that you would like to see working in Reactions, feel free to send it via email or post in a separate thread and i’ll look into how close the current Beta build can get to it.

Thank you.