Xparticles not visible?

Dear all,
i am new to TFD- so maybe beginners issue?!
I have all emitter values on 1 temp fuel etc. - or higher- but
xparticles are invisible have no impact on cointainer
emission from primitives and standard c4d emitter is working and showing the green box
around temp values. do i miss something or do i have to cache xparitcles first?
Yes interactive view on 2080ti is on useing R20 build-
Any ideas ??? thanks in advance

If you are using the latest XP 1250, there is a known issue in XP 1250 that prevents its particles from being usable by TFD. Insydium is aware of the issue. I’m sure it will be resolved soon.
Until then, you can revert to XP 1036 to get it working again.

There is a new TFD build 1483 now that works with XP 1250.
You can get the this build at
(Commercial Edition) https://jawset.com/install
(Free Learning Edition) https://jawset.com/try