Doesn’t see Turbulance FD Volume Material

Hello! I am a student currently using Maxon One subscribtion that includes full version Redshift 3.0.50 I use at this moment. I also have a volume license from Jawset Turbulance FD and I am having a problem with Redshift volume material, when I try to select temperature on the scatter chanel its on grey and i cant select any, what could I do? Please help!!! I cannot see the material in Render View is there any solutions? I am using Cinema4D R24

Make sure the RS plugin folder is in the same folder as the TFD plugin folder typically “plugins”. There are some issues with the latest build of TFD for R24 and the latest RS but there is a workaround posted earlier in this forum

There is an issue that prevents current Redshift versions to find TFD. The Redshift Team is working on a fix for an upcoming update. Until then, here is a workaround:

can you please record a video instructions? Because its not very clear, I would appreciate it a lot